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Recensie Unnamed Source

Hans Bakker - The Unnamed Source (Navona)

Hans Bakker's music... combines the old and the new. He pushes you away with some jarring and unexpected clusters and chords before luring you back in with inviting melodies, glimpses of romanticism, and familiar tropes.

Kraig Lamper, American Record Guide May/June '11

An Italian Review

The idea that creativity would decrease with age and that the present-day would belong only to the young, is contradicted by the Dutch musician Hans Bakker. He only started composing in the 90s, when in his fifties, and not just for livelihood, but from sheer inspiration. - And moreover, who wants to seek glory through contemporary music? - This inspiration takes varying forms, depending on the expressive intentions of the author.

Thus we are taken from the compact and ecstatic counterpoint of the four pieces for string ensembles, with the radiant "CANTUS" and the meditative "EST" standing out, to the intense lyricism of "SIX SHORT PIECES" for cello and piano and the "ELEGY" for violin and piano; and finally arriving at the inner monologues of the three final MANTRA'S.

Arising only from the personal feelings and thoughts of the composer, all the tracks are speaking in a direct way to the listener, thanks to a compositional style that is clear, even in the more complex and seemingly incoherent parts, and thanks to the strength of its expressive compaction.

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