Overzicht gepubliceerde composities

Instrumentale Muziek
Preludes & Fugues for piano in: e, b flat, d, A flat, E flat, B flat, a, G, A, c, F, E, C and D
Mantra nr. I for flute and piano
Mantra nr. II for tenorsax and piano
Mantra nr. III for flute, corno inglese and piano
Brenne for violin and piano
Elegie for violin and piano
Hymne for violin and piano
Sonate for viola and bassoon (or violoncello)
Funken sonata for solo viola
Hymne for clarinet quintet
Six Short Pieces for piano and cello (or viola)
Four Monochromes for piano
Trois Monochromes for piano
Seven Songs without Words for piano
Piano quintet
Five Monochromes for piano
Serenata for mandoline orchestra
Suite Hinnago for flute ensemble
Puspitãgra-trio for clarinet, horn and bassoon
Trio for two violins and viola
Trio for flute, violin and viola
Ouroboros for flute, violin and viola
Prelude and Fugue for cello-ensemble (4-6 cello's)
Leys I for flute solo
Leys II for two flutes, mandoline and mandola
Leys III for flute, violin and guitar
Canticum for cello-octet
Prelude and Fugue for string quartet
Trio for flute, oboe and clarinet
Quartetto per flauto (piccolo), oboe, arpa e violine o mandolino
Tiento I and II for guitar solo
Duo voor viool en klarinet
Petite suite for mandoline orchestra
Vier duo's voor mandoline en gitaar
Four duos for guitars
Quin tu ure, version for ten wind instruments
Ottoni quintet for two trumpets in C, horn in F, E flat tuba and double bass (or bass tuba in C)
Nubes for piano trio
Dentro y Fuera I + II for flute, (violin) and guitar
Dentro y Fuera II for flute (or violin) and harp
DUO I en II voor viool en altviool
Kojo no Tsuki variations for piano on the theme by Rentaro Taki
Vier Bagatellen voor klarinet en piano
String Quartet
Koraal en Madrigaal voor altviool kwartet
Koraal en Madrigaal voor cello kwartet
Sonnet 18 for trumpet (con sordini) or hobo, flute and piano
Oratio for trombone quartet
Koraal en Madrigaal for trombone quartet
Giocoso e Allegretto for trombone quintet
Second String Quartet
Concordances for cello solo
Hortus Conclusus (The Gated Garden) for violoncello and piano
In His Master's Garden for piano solo
Effluxions for French horn solo
The Valley Spirit Never Dies (Dao De Ching 6) for oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon
Het Verre Nabij - Far Near for oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon
Miniature for lame sonore and piano
Breeze of Twilight for lame sonore and piano
Landmark for piano
Preludes introspectives 1,2 & 3 for piano
Notturno for piano
Sonnet 18 for trumpet (con sordino) or oboe, flute and piano
Breeze of twilight for clarinet, violoncello and piano


Ov Kami (Konstandin) for solo, SSAA and SAATB (with snare drum, chimes, gong and, triangle) (Prašasti 9)
Wij (Bô Yin Râ) for SATB and solists SA (with double bass, gongs, triangle and tomtoms)
Sanctus for mixed choir and percussion
Ineinander Verschmolzen for SATB (4-8 voices) and Soprano solo (Prašasti 6)
Ave Maria nr. 1 for SAT and nr. 2 for SATB
Ave Maria for SSA
Gott for SSAATTBB-double choir (Prašasti 4)
Twee Koorliederen voor SSAA, nr. 1 Dagdroom, nr. 2 Piet-my-vrou (op tekst van Elisabeth Eybers)
Pater Noster I, for SSAATTBB (Prašasti 5)
Pater Noster II, for SSAATTBB (Prašasti 7)
Ay Lief; Ay Minne (Hadewych) for S solo, SATB (Prašasti 10)
Duae Sententiae for SSAA, nr. 1 Sic a Deo est descensus, nr. 2 Et natura parens
Quin tu ure for SSAATTBB with S solo and T solo (Prašasti 8)
Tres Sententiae [Three Sayings] for SATB
Canto 33 del "Paradiso" di Dante for SSATBB
Drie Koorliederen (op tekst van Paul Rodenko) voor SATB
Kyrie for SATB


Triptych for string orchestra
Canzona "L' altra persona" per orchestra
Est for string orchestra
Cantus for string orchestra
Prelude and Fugue for string quintet or string orchestra
Canticum for two string quartets
Canzona II "Tribute to the sun" for orchestra
Canzona III "Hidden in her light" for orchestra


Drie liederen voor hoge stem en piano
Vier kwatrijnen op eigen tekst voor hoge stem en piano
Three Songs for soprano, flute and harp
Sonnet 18 (W.Shakespeare) for soprano flute and piano
Sonnet 18, version for soprano and string quartet
Drie Liederen (op tekst van Pierre Kemp) voor mezzosopraan, klarinet en piano
In Vlaanderen voor middenstem en piano, op tekst van Ida Gerhardt


Glimmer of Globe for carillon
Ambiente Global for carillon and sax quartet/ensemble
Ave Maria for carillon and SATB
Ambiente Global; version for carillon solo
Two Dances for carillon
Kojo no Tsuki for carillon


Preces for organ