A passionate and gentle late bloomer

Soester composer Hans Bakker is working on third album

SOEST - The composer Hans Bakker, living in Soest and former piano teacher in Bussum and Hilversum, found an outlet in addition to his teaching in improvised music, composition and choral conducting. In 1979 he graduated in Sanskrit, a learned Indo-European language. "Around my fiftieth, I found that the melodic inventions come out of the pen would flow.""

This gentle and somewhat timid-looking man now has a large number of compositions to his credit standing, which resulted in two internationally released CDs on the label Navona. Soon his third "enhanced" CD, recorded in the Czech Republic, titled 'Seeking and Finding' will be released. This 'enhanced' refers to a wealth of additional information which can be accessed via the computer, including videos and sheet music.

His work is a reflection of the new era, often exudes a contemplative atmosphere. If music by contemporary composers such as Gorecki, Arvo Pärt and Schnittke in the CD rack already, will recognize this. Hans Bakker thus enters areas by lovers of new age or world be claimed, also because of the sometimes repetitive, driving elements contributing to the tension. But the underlying lement (threnodie) in his music is appreciated by a wide audience.

Forty chamber works, sixteen choral compositions, six orchestral works, six-song compositions, six works for carillon and organ composition underline its productivity.

How he came suddenly to write music? "Well, i became acquainted with the work of German painter and writer Anton Schneiderfranken (1876-1943), also known as Bô Yin Râ and that made a deep impression on me." This spiritual teacher and (widely translated) multi publicist points out the importance of phenomena such as the "animal soul" (to which all mental functions and artistic or religious feelings belong) and spiritualistic manifestations to be distinguished from the eternal spiritual soul.

Hans Bakker currently plays for fun cello in a clarinet quintet, and also in a piano trio.

As exponent of a new way of working Bakker is both publisher and composer. When composing, he makes no use of computer programs such as Sibelius or Cubase, but put his scores in ink. Through his website he places sheet music at one's disposal, while many audio and video clips are on call.

Hilversum already heard his music from the carillon in the tower of City Hall. 'Two Dances', 'Glimmer of Globe' and 'Ambiente Global' for carillon and saxophone ensemble are composed on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Hilversum Town Hall.

(Source: Tjako Fennema - De Gooi-en Eemlander, 1 maart 2012)