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March, 2013 - Hollandse Nieuwe

Hollandse Nieuwe

On Sunday 14 and Sunday, April 21 vocal ensemble Amer Consort, led by Dirkjan Horringa, presents new Dutch choral works. 'New' in classical music is a relative term. Everything after 1900 is soon labeled as 'new' or 'modern'. But in this project we offer truly new music by current active composers: Hans Bakker (Canto 33), Jule Zuiderbaan (Uzes) and George Bretz (Fortunately living). For many, this will be new names, and certainly the work we carry out: it concerns 3 premieres in the Netherlands.

This truly new work is placed alongside choral pieces of the past 60 years from the Netherlands: De Leeuw (Prière and Missa Brevis), Herman Strategier (Trois chansons), Manneke (Psaume 121), Jurriaan Andriessen (Sonnet 43), Albert de Klerk (Pater Noster) and Joost Kleppe (The sick rose).

* Pun: "Hollandse nieuwe" means freshly caught herrings.

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